Where is it? Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. What do you love about it? After a long day of clearing trails and helping the local rangers with the upkeep of a large deforested area behind the beach; Playa Hermosa, literally translated ‘beautiful beach,’ was our reward. A long, wide stretch of black sand lay before us, making its way down into the Pacific ocean. The beach was so distinctly different from the golden sands we tend to think of as being beautiful. Its beauty was in its ruggedness. Why does it make you smile? As the sun set and the sky above turned to match the colour of the sand, we began to prepare for the nightly patrols to collect the eggs of the thousands of turtles who come to Playa Hermosa each year to lay their eggs. For us, the night was just beginning. What word best describes this memory? Wild.

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