A beach hut kind of day

Nestled beside a busy boardwalk and a wide sandy coastline, stand a neat little row of perfectly aligned wooden beach huts painted in soft pastel shades. These elegant little dwellings on the beachfront at Lytham St Annes are effortlessly pretty like a vintage postcard. They ooze nostalgia and evoke childhood memories that remind us of the simple pleasures in life – spending quality time with the people we love with sand between our toes and the sea breeze rustling through our clothes and our hair. However much we enjoy the modern technologies that seem to make life so much easier, yet complicate our lives without us often realising, sometimes it is refreshing to leave it all behind for the day.

Petite in size they may be, but don’t be fooled, once inside you will feel like the King or Queen of your very own piece of the seaside. Of course it isn’t really yours and you do only have it for a day but it is certainly a very good way to spend a day. I surprised my beach hut buddy by going for a walk along the promenade with him before handing him the keys and wishing him a ‘happy anniversary’. It was a cloudy but beautiful October day. Knowing the weather might not be completely on our side, I came secretly armed with board games, books and beach hut snacks. We sat inside and drank copious cups of tea whilst reading, relaxing and reminiscing. Whilst we can be quite certain that those who came to the beach huts as far back as the nineteenth century were not treated to a dainty kitchenette complete with fridge and microwave; I must admit that these mod-cons did come in handy.

After all the fun and games and some self-induced sugar-overload, the glorious view through the open doors of our beach hut was beginning to catch our gaze. We prodded each other from our rested daze and headed outdoors onto the veranda before stepping down onto the boardwalk and walking across to explore the vast expanse of beach. We wandered out into the far distance chasing the shimmering reflections bouncing on the sea from the October sun. When our new-founded temporary home was starting to look like a piece from a model village, we gave up our search for the sea and strolled back hand-in-hand to warm up inside with a piping hot cup of tea and a large portion of fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.

Our neighbours a couple of huts away were braver than us. Sitting outside in the blowing autumnal wind, a family laughed and reminisced, brought together to celebrate the 60th birthday of someone special. We looked on and smiled before snuggling up under our blanket, warmed by a portable heater we found tucked away in the beach hut. Maybe a little technology isn’t so bad when it keeps your toes warm. We will certainly be back for a visit to St Annes Beach Huts, whatever the weather brings.

Lytham St Anne's beach with sunlight reflecting on the surface water