There’s a party in the USA

There’s a party in the USA

4th July is here again and millions of people across the world are coming together to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Today marks 241 years since America gained independence from the British Empire in 1776. Celebrations have kicked off with parties, picnics, fireworks celebrations, baseball games and parades. Americans may know how to throw the biggest party but it is not only our friends across the pond who celebrate their freedom on this day each year; it is also a day of celebration for the Philippines who mark 4th July as the day they gained independence from the USA in 1946. Rwanda also celebrates its Liberation Day on 4th July; the day it was freed from genocide in 1994. So it’s safe to say 4th July is a special day for many people from many different backgrounds.

For us Brits, we’ve always had a bit of a love affair with America. The Hollywood glamour and movie star icons, the bright lights of Broadway and the home of Rock and Roll. Growing up in the nineties and noughties, it was all about American TV shows and falling in love with Hollywood actors. Conversations at school as we neared the grand old age of 16 would inevitably include a few comments on how much cooler our American peers were going to prom and finishing school with a high school yearbook under their arm. The thing I loved most though about the USA growing up was following the lives of a group of friends who lived in an apartment block in New York and liked to drink coffee, a lot. I was addicted, I am sure of that, and to some extent I still am. Now having reached the older age of 30 I am happy to say that I still quote Friends at least on a weekly basis.

A couple of years ago I thought it would be fun to have an American themed birthday party for no reason whatsoever other than I wanted to have a reason to buy red cups and legitimately eat burgers, hot-dogs and southern-fried chicken to my hearts content. There was Key lime pie and New York cheesecake but I must admit I still don’t really understand what the deal is with Hershey’s. A birthday is never complete without cake so obviously I took it upon myself to make a Star Spangled Banner to celebrate. This year for my 30th I became one of the few people in the world to have my very own Friends cake – ‘the one where Christina turns 30’. There are so many things I love about America other than US themed cakes but I’ll save those for another day. Happy 4th July, everyone!

Star Spangled Banner cake

Friends cake


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